Siberia Crossing Swing Bridge

  • Location
    Remutaka Range, NZ
  • Client
    Department of Conservation
  • Structural Engineer
    Ashley Keyworth, DoC
  • Date
  • Bridge Type
    Swing Bridge
  • Length
    90 Meters

Valley Views

Our Challenge
This swing bridge was in a challenging location, with high winds whistling right down the valley it crosses. The Edifice team has worked in challenging environments before, and were keen to take on this 90 meter swing bridge structure for DOC.

The Edifice Solution
The team worked on this structure for almost 3 months, despite high wind speeds throughout construction. The gully it spans over has winds strong enough to push a train off its tracks and to ensure a stable bridge, there are 8 pairs of cables that run down to anchor points beneath. Edifice completed the swing bridge on time & ready for it's opening in Jan 2020. The bridge is a great addition to the Remutaka Rail Trail. This day ride can be between 17 kilometres and 55 kilometres in length. The Siberia swing bridge spans 90 meters, and makes up the end section of the Summit to Cross Creek track.

Products Used

Steel Hardware




Treated Timber

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